Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Challenges facing America

    I feel compelled to write about the current events only in the hopes that others will share thought and encouragement in the darkness that seems to prevail all around us. America (as Glen Beck has stated) and I am sure many others agree with is at crossroads. The problems seem almost overwhelming but as Americans we can endure it ( as though we had any other choice). Anyone who is self instructed in the use of Books, radio talk, Internet blogs, and reputable sites know how vulnerable America is. We are fighting against a many faceted problem. Number one is that the American public are being sold a bill of goods in respect to truth. Anyone with a half brain can question the analysis of current events by the main stream media as truth omitted out of convenience or omitted for contrivance or both. Number two is that Americans pay vast sums of monies through taxation to protect their interests. We have seen over and over again those we have put in Washington have failed in understanding our own Constitution and its' principles, have failed to understand that we the people are their bosses, and that they are in power to protect America. Number three we find that the media has been given free reign in interpreting events for Americans on the basis of their own beliefs, culture, and false assessments and are allowed to call this journalism. Lies and deceit are part of an agenda for those who are progressives, socialists, and communists. The problem again being Americans don't know their ass from their elbows because they don't want the truth they want to feel good. If they really want the truth they have failed to realized that it is not to be found in local newspapers, magazines, college campuses, television news groups ( except Fox news, even then scrutiny needs to be applied ). Number four the huge problem of political correctness another name for deception, and antics. Not being told that terrorism is connected to Islam in a big huge way. That we need to speak out against illegal immigration, Islamic infiltration into government and selective groups being called upon by this administration for input and direction. Westernized countries are charging those who are speaking out against radical Islam as hate speech, but turning a blind eye when it comes to hate speech coming from Islamic Jihadis in America and Europe who are speaking out in campuses, on streets, and in mosques calling for the destruction of American and western principles. The most powerful examples I can give is Gheert Wilders on trial in the Netherlands, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff of Austria and there are others. This is all coming from the Organization of Islamic Countries an Islamic voting block of fifty seven Islamic countries who are trying to prevent free speech throughout the world. Their goal is to silence any criticism of Islam and they have been successful. To control the speech and silence the free world. The scary part of this is that the United States actually signed onto this stupid doctrine and is causing problems for all free speaking peoples. Here is the link A New Course. Take some time and read it. Get back to me. Tell me what you think.