Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No to Increasing the Debt Ceiling

     How important are your freedoms to you?  How much time have you taken to look around you and to figure out how much things have changed when you last looked?  Are your freedoms more or less secure?  Do you feel that your government is listening to you to help you to live your life comfortably, without intrusion, without strings attached to you purse?  If you haven't taken the time then why not?  Are you one of those Americans that just trust that the government can be relied on for getting things right  in all things foreign, national, and local?  How is that working for you?  Do you feel that you are in control of your wallet or do you feel that the government is just ripping the dollar bills out from your wallet without you having a say?  Do you have a clue as to what is really happening to your future?

     Here is what I have been discovering lately.  I am responsible for my government.  I am an American and in just that capacity alone there is a grave responsibility on my part to run my government and to oversee everything that is going  in regards to it.  Being too busy cannot be used for an excuse because then this government will not function in the way our fore fathers intended it to.  Are you aware that we are not a democracy?  Are you aware that we are a republic?  Yes we are a republic.  I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands.   Yes it says and to the republic for which it stands.  That is us, you and me, together controlling what is ours not the governments.  It was intended to serve we the people not only nationally but locally.  I have recently gotten as a gift a fine work done by Glenn Beck along with a young man Joshua Charles who helped in bringing back to life the Federalist papers that were long, challenging (because the were written in old English) and needed to be revised so they could easily be understood by those for whom they were written, which was us.  The name of the book is The Original Argument,  The Federalists' Case for the Constitution, adapted for the 21st Century.

     If ever we needed a work of art that could wake us up it is this historical argument that James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay began over 225 years ago.  Not to go into to much detail just read the book, you will find it most interesting.  This argument that they present to all those living in America after the Revolution presents the question of a Union being given the powers to concentrate government in ways that it would not intrude on states sovereignty but would enhance the states abilities to be protected by foreign invasion, internal subversion, and a more smooth way for the colonies to run as a unit.  Not everyone was convinced that they wanted a union.  Not everyone felt they wanted to share power between states, for those with power within states had something to lose.  The bottom line was what was America to stand for?  Was America formed to protect the few (who had power) or was it to protect the people who in the past had nothing?   This was the basic argument for the Federalists.  They wanted to secure a government but one that would first protect all the people and would be representative of all the people it would be by the people and for the people.   The Constitution was what they argued for.  A government that would recognize the sovereignty of the people (The Republic).  The problem confronting them is that they had to engage the American people to help them understand the full implications of the Constitution and what it stood for.  They had to inform us that there are always pitfalls and mistakes but that at times the Constitution could be amended of correct them if need be.  There is no way to totally rely on government as things change with time but one thing was made clear and concise and that was that the people would always be in control of their government and all the states would be secure against the tyranny of a run away centralized government. How do you feel about that today?  Do you really feel that your state has any say in Washington?  Do you really believe that our government is controlled by the states, and the people who reside there?  I have another question for you.  How did the Obama healthcare plan get passed when over seventy percent of the American people were against it?  How did something as intrusive get passed without many of the congressmen having even read the bill and its entirety?  The same goes for the stimulus package that was forced down Americas throat without serious debate.  We bailed out wall street at the expense of the American public.  We are now faced with the question of raising the debt ceiling.   What does that mean, what is the long reaching affect it will have on our children and our grandchildren, and even more important what is America putting up for collateral on this debt to foreign governments?   We all know what collateral means it means when you need to borrow money from someone they want to secure that debt with some note, something that you will make good for if you well, can't pay.  You never get something for nothing right? 

     I will go back to the Federalist argument because here is where it is relevant.  The Constitution is there but it is being challenged by national socialists, communists, environmentalists, and just people who just hate us for what we stand for.  If Americans fail to realize the gift that they have been given and do not see this present government worth the time to fight for then everything that had been given by the blood of those who have gone before us will be lost.  It will be lost to tyranny, it will be lost to aristocrats, power brokers, and all those who have no vested interest in you the people of the United States.   You are the ones who are being called to arms, to take back your government before it is too late.  Already the time has passed.  While you were hard at work taking care of your families both on the local, state, and federal level your representatives have been lining there pockets with deals that don't include you.  They have worked hard to destroy the freedoms that you have so that they can take control of your pocketbook and give to whom they wish.  Government has no rights at all they only are suppose to serve us and do what we tell them to do and then get out of the way.  I am begging you to engage yourself with this question of the need to take personal inventory of your responsibility to become a true patriot.  You are the answer.  Join an organization that stands for freedom and one that will fight with you to take back your government.  The Tea Party Patriots have been one organization along with others that are being painted as the bad guy.  They are the true representative government that our fore fathers cried out for.  The battle cry for freedom has gone out and we are in fact fighting for our very existence.  The federal government is out of control and the main stream media are selling you a bill of goods that take you to the hell that our for father fought so bravely to save us from.  Open your eyes and take responsibility now or all will be loss.  There are no short cuts.  Where you get your information from is very important because there are so many liars, and traitors to the cause of liberty.  When government tries to present itself as your security in life you need to take heed.  God ought to in the end be our security.  Government is a necessary evil it is only meant to keep things civil and even then it is only suppose to be subservient to us.  We will speak more on this but I urge you to read the book and inform yourself as to how far we have drifted from the Constitution.  One other matter, this month there was the headline on Time magazine and an article written was "Does the Constitution Matter"?   If it doesn't then we can be sure we are in deep trouble.