Thursday, February 28, 2013

2013 Where are we heading?

                              Where are we heading?

     It's been awhile since I last shared my thoughts and lots has been going on.  As far as I can see from my perspective it is getting pretty scary.  Lets look at our debt, a staggering Sixteen Trillion and climbing.  This Friday the sequester ( whatever that means) kicks in and will automatically reduce the federal budget by eighty five billion dollars.  Now I know to us little guys that sounds like a lot of dollars but it isn't.  Compare this to how much we are spending right now we just keep going in the hole.  It is not enough.  In our terms it is the equivalent to making a minimum payment on your maxed out charge card, you are getting nowhere.  People we are in trouble and congress has no idea of what to do.  Do you?  Maybe you should run against this president who has spent four times what Bush did in 1/2 the time, only 4 years.  I am sure we all know that this is not sustainable and that this bill will plague our children's children if we don't recognize we need to act now.  There are going to be a number of proposals in the near future that are going to require us to write our congressmen and women and express to them that Washington needs to get smaller, much, much smaller and that cuts are going to have to be made by all of us.  Guys just as mommy and daddy told you " you better tear up that charge card and get your life in order" so too Washington needs to take a hit and a big one.  We can do this and it can be done reasonably don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  Washington is no different than any of us, and that also includes states, and municipalities.  We all know that there is tons of fluff in government and they can spend better than anyone they just don't want to stop.  There is a big difference between Washington's budget and ours.  We get to eat our debt and we get slammed but when Washington spends guess what?  We get slammed for that too, right?   Mama and Dad always said " you don't get nuttin for nuttin."  Ouch.    Man you know you look around and say what the hell am I getting for my tax dollars anyway?  Where the hell did Sixteen Trillion go and to whom?  Obama is trying to raise taxes again?  Are you kidding me?  Hey look didn't we all pay taxes on every gallon of gasoline since what 50 years that was suppose to go to highway maintenance?  Really yet Washington continues to slip in bills (tax increases) every year to pay for bridges and highways?  Right?  The last one was the Obama Recovery Act, I know because they had to spend maybe a thousand dollars per sign to put up on the highways to show us our tax dollars at work.  By the way I hardly saw maybe ten workers the whole 50 miles of road but that's another story.  We can be proud of all the money Obama and his administration made us pay to bail out Wall street.  Remember Barney Frank (MA) ?  Remember Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac?  Yea you remember that is what started the ball rolling down hill when all those wonderful people who were given mortgages
( probably 10% were dead anyway) that they knew could never have afforded or paid back ( the other
90 % were unemployed) well yea guys we had to pay for that too.  Did anybody ever see one single politician go to jail for being in bed with the loan sharks ( Fanny Mae & Freddy Mac).   The first one who should have seen the slammed would have been Barney Frank but of course he left congress before anything could happen to him.  Why do you think that there were no investigations and no one was held criminally responsible for hundreds of billions of dollars going south?  I can't (well actually I can ) believe these stupid fools in the Occupy Wall Street who spent all that time freezing there foolish empty skulls doing the works of the Marxist Socialists in blaming Wall Street when in fact it was their very own government (Obama & Bernanke) that was complicit with whole scheme.  Wake up idiots how do you think our Senators and Congressmen become so filthy rich?  They are the ones who allow Wall Street to write their own checks that means two foxes watching one hen house.  We need checks, and balanced ( real ones), where was the Security & Exchange in all this?  Aren't they a government agency supposedly watching these deals?  We need lobby reform.  Take the money out of the game and then you will politicians who care.  Government should be held just as accountable for criminal behavior as is Wall Street unfortunately if no one goes to jail then there is nothing to fear is there?  Not one indictment in the government or the private sector.  I guess there were no crooks.

     We all must get involved with organizations locally, and federally that will push for the right thing.  Citizens need to once again realize that we do not have the option to trust government and to continue to throw money at it because is isn't going to go away.  We need to re-evaluate our positions on WHO WILL DO OUR BIDDING FOR US?  Maybe we will need a 3rd party but as I see it both parties are corrupt and need to learn a lesson.  For me I must and will give a plug for the Tea Party.  They are good patriots and Americans who just want to get back to the Constitution and its principles and that's not a bad thing.  How many of you have ever even read it?  You should.  I love the Declaration of Independence and it certainly stands for today.  We are facing tyranny and it is going to destroy our civilization if we don't take a stand and reclaim that which is already been spelled out for us by our Founding Fathers.  They put their lives on the line for what they wrote in it and they fought knowing that they were all tied together in their commitment.   If they didn't succeed against the English then they would all hang together.  This problem we face is far less devastating and much easier to resolve it just takes guts to stand up for our government and it requires a little from each of us.  Our children and their children are worth it, no?   Take time away from the boob tube and crap that leaves you brainless and spend sometime in getting involved in what counts, your kids.  NOW!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No to Increasing the Debt Ceiling

     How important are your freedoms to you?  How much time have you taken to look around you and to figure out how much things have changed when you last looked?  Are your freedoms more or less secure?  Do you feel that your government is listening to you to help you to live your life comfortably, without intrusion, without strings attached to you purse?  If you haven't taken the time then why not?  Are you one of those Americans that just trust that the government can be relied on for getting things right  in all things foreign, national, and local?  How is that working for you?  Do you feel that you are in control of your wallet or do you feel that the government is just ripping the dollar bills out from your wallet without you having a say?  Do you have a clue as to what is really happening to your future?

     Here is what I have been discovering lately.  I am responsible for my government.  I am an American and in just that capacity alone there is a grave responsibility on my part to run my government and to oversee everything that is going  in regards to it.  Being too busy cannot be used for an excuse because then this government will not function in the way our fore fathers intended it to.  Are you aware that we are not a democracy?  Are you aware that we are a republic?  Yes we are a republic.  I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands.   Yes it says and to the republic for which it stands.  That is us, you and me, together controlling what is ours not the governments.  It was intended to serve we the people not only nationally but locally.  I have recently gotten as a gift a fine work done by Glenn Beck along with a young man Joshua Charles who helped in bringing back to life the Federalist papers that were long, challenging (because the were written in old English) and needed to be revised so they could easily be understood by those for whom they were written, which was us.  The name of the book is The Original Argument,  The Federalists' Case for the Constitution, adapted for the 21st Century.

     If ever we needed a work of art that could wake us up it is this historical argument that James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay began over 225 years ago.  Not to go into to much detail just read the book, you will find it most interesting.  This argument that they present to all those living in America after the Revolution presents the question of a Union being given the powers to concentrate government in ways that it would not intrude on states sovereignty but would enhance the states abilities to be protected by foreign invasion, internal subversion, and a more smooth way for the colonies to run as a unit.  Not everyone was convinced that they wanted a union.  Not everyone felt they wanted to share power between states, for those with power within states had something to lose.  The bottom line was what was America to stand for?  Was America formed to protect the few (who had power) or was it to protect the people who in the past had nothing?   This was the basic argument for the Federalists.  They wanted to secure a government but one that would first protect all the people and would be representative of all the people it would be by the people and for the people.   The Constitution was what they argued for.  A government that would recognize the sovereignty of the people (The Republic).  The problem confronting them is that they had to engage the American people to help them understand the full implications of the Constitution and what it stood for.  They had to inform us that there are always pitfalls and mistakes but that at times the Constitution could be amended of correct them if need be.  There is no way to totally rely on government as things change with time but one thing was made clear and concise and that was that the people would always be in control of their government and all the states would be secure against the tyranny of a run away centralized government. How do you feel about that today?  Do you really feel that your state has any say in Washington?  Do you really believe that our government is controlled by the states, and the people who reside there?  I have another question for you.  How did the Obama healthcare plan get passed when over seventy percent of the American people were against it?  How did something as intrusive get passed without many of the congressmen having even read the bill and its entirety?  The same goes for the stimulus package that was forced down Americas throat without serious debate.  We bailed out wall street at the expense of the American public.  We are now faced with the question of raising the debt ceiling.   What does that mean, what is the long reaching affect it will have on our children and our grandchildren, and even more important what is America putting up for collateral on this debt to foreign governments?   We all know what collateral means it means when you need to borrow money from someone they want to secure that debt with some note, something that you will make good for if you well, can't pay.  You never get something for nothing right? 

     I will go back to the Federalist argument because here is where it is relevant.  The Constitution is there but it is being challenged by national socialists, communists, environmentalists, and just people who just hate us for what we stand for.  If Americans fail to realize the gift that they have been given and do not see this present government worth the time to fight for then everything that had been given by the blood of those who have gone before us will be lost.  It will be lost to tyranny, it will be lost to aristocrats, power brokers, and all those who have no vested interest in you the people of the United States.   You are the ones who are being called to arms, to take back your government before it is too late.  Already the time has passed.  While you were hard at work taking care of your families both on the local, state, and federal level your representatives have been lining there pockets with deals that don't include you.  They have worked hard to destroy the freedoms that you have so that they can take control of your pocketbook and give to whom they wish.  Government has no rights at all they only are suppose to serve us and do what we tell them to do and then get out of the way.  I am begging you to engage yourself with this question of the need to take personal inventory of your responsibility to become a true patriot.  You are the answer.  Join an organization that stands for freedom and one that will fight with you to take back your government.  The Tea Party Patriots have been one organization along with others that are being painted as the bad guy.  They are the true representative government that our fore fathers cried out for.  The battle cry for freedom has gone out and we are in fact fighting for our very existence.  The federal government is out of control and the main stream media are selling you a bill of goods that take you to the hell that our for father fought so bravely to save us from.  Open your eyes and take responsibility now or all will be loss.  There are no short cuts.  Where you get your information from is very important because there are so many liars, and traitors to the cause of liberty.  When government tries to present itself as your security in life you need to take heed.  God ought to in the end be our security.  Government is a necessary evil it is only meant to keep things civil and even then it is only suppose to be subservient to us.  We will speak more on this but I urge you to read the book and inform yourself as to how far we have drifted from the Constitution.  One other matter, this month there was the headline on Time magazine and an article written was "Does the Constitution Matter"?   If it doesn't then we can be sure we are in deep trouble. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Challenges facing America

    I feel compelled to write about the current events only in the hopes that others will share thought and encouragement in the darkness that seems to prevail all around us. America (as Glen Beck has stated) and I am sure many others agree with is at crossroads. The problems seem almost overwhelming but as Americans we can endure it ( as though we had any other choice). Anyone who is self instructed in the use of Books, radio talk, Internet blogs, and reputable sites know how vulnerable America is. We are fighting against a many faceted problem. Number one is that the American public are being sold a bill of goods in respect to truth. Anyone with a half brain can question the analysis of current events by the main stream media as truth omitted out of convenience or omitted for contrivance or both. Number two is that Americans pay vast sums of monies through taxation to protect their interests. We have seen over and over again those we have put in Washington have failed in understanding our own Constitution and its' principles, have failed to understand that we the people are their bosses, and that they are in power to protect America. Number three we find that the media has been given free reign in interpreting events for Americans on the basis of their own beliefs, culture, and false assessments and are allowed to call this journalism. Lies and deceit are part of an agenda for those who are progressives, socialists, and communists. The problem again being Americans don't know their ass from their elbows because they don't want the truth they want to feel good. If they really want the truth they have failed to realized that it is not to be found in local newspapers, magazines, college campuses, television news groups ( except Fox news, even then scrutiny needs to be applied ). Number four the huge problem of political correctness another name for deception, and antics. Not being told that terrorism is connected to Islam in a big huge way. That we need to speak out against illegal immigration, Islamic infiltration into government and selective groups being called upon by this administration for input and direction. Westernized countries are charging those who are speaking out against radical Islam as hate speech, but turning a blind eye when it comes to hate speech coming from Islamic Jihadis in America and Europe who are speaking out in campuses, on streets, and in mosques calling for the destruction of American and western principles. The most powerful examples I can give is Gheert Wilders on trial in the Netherlands, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff of Austria and there are others. This is all coming from the Organization of Islamic Countries an Islamic voting block of fifty seven Islamic countries who are trying to prevent free speech throughout the world. Their goal is to silence any criticism of Islam and they have been successful. To control the speech and silence the free world. The scary part of this is that the United States actually signed onto this stupid doctrine and is causing problems for all free speaking peoples. Here is the link A New Course. Take some time and read it. Get back to me. Tell me what you think.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Here we are and its already July. What are we dealing with? Well Jihad if you will. Hot issues are gaining more and more momentum and you can almost feel the tension. Since my last blog we have incurred the Flotilla. The flotilla to Gaza was another way for the radicals to formulate an agenda against Israel. The intentions were suppose to be humanitarian but nothing could be further from the truth. Yes what we had was a bunch of terrorists on board the ship hoping that they would face martyrdom and some of them succeeded. What bothers me most is that this was a planned terrorist assault on the Israelis' right to protect their borders but the main stream media totally negated the truth or didn't even find it news worthy. I always thought that the media got their licenses from the federal government so that they could inform the public in regards to non biased journalism? Isn't journalism suppose to just give the facts? Has anyone seen the world news? It is a joke. It is no news at all. They give blips about movie stars doing this or that, they give you information that is totally useless and irrelevant. I don't know the last time I watched "The News".

The next subject is the mosque at ground zero. Wow! Talk about a slap in the face to America. Ought we be surprised at this? After all historically this is what Islam has done for centuries after the overthrow of the infidels, they tear down the temples, churches, or whatever form of worship that preceded Islam and they just act as though they are the final word. Well that is about to change. There are many that are beginning to awaken to taqqiyya which is Muslims right to lie to the infidel straight to his face and hug him/her and smile and all the while have an agenda to subvert the very freedoms and life you choose to live. Americans are beginning to see this vile Islamism for what it is. Sharia Law has no place in America especially besides our Constitution. I'm sure where Obama and his administration stand on this though. Seems that the jihadist have the upper hand with this particular admininistration.

In case you didn't notice Obama bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia, he sent the bust of Winston Churchill back to England (It was a gift from the English as a token of friendship) and he has has fought tooth and nail to stop any of his departments from trying to associate Islam with terrorism, or jihadist, or jihad, or well you get the point. As I have read numerous blogs they all point out that not being able to identify your true enemy prevents you from knowing who to fight? Does that make sense? Well, does it make sense the way Obama is fighting the war in Afghanistan? Our troops are being forced to fight a war with their hands tied behind their backs and also to let the Taliban know in advance when you plan to pull out? Is it me or is this administration gone mad?

Sunday, February 14, 2010


I would like you to join me in learning about who the enemy is in regards to Terrorism. There are many misconceptions regarding what we are up against. We have been led to believe that the twin towers on 9/11/01 were taken down because of the decadence of the West according to Osama Ben Ladin. Well nothing could be further from the truth, in fact the foremost reason is that the west is considered the infidel (non-believers of Islam) according to the Koran. All non believers of Islam are enemies to Allah. Please check out the following web pages to understand, & to inform yourself as to what America is up against. These are very dangerous times for America and we need to educate ourselves. I can tell you that Islamic Jihadists have infiltrated the highest places of our government but you won't hear it on the news. Check out on these web pages as to what they have to say about CAIR, THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD and others Islamic groups. They have infiltrated the CIA, the FBI, and have the backing of many in Congress, because of the money flowing in from the Saudis, and many other sources. Please check these two informative web sites, then revisit me and lets talk. I am interested in doing whatever possible to educate and act on protecting all that America stands for.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Campaign 2008

Hi everyone Are you ready. It seems that Bill Clinton has been doing a dis-service to Hilary in that it seems he is really losing that coolness about him what do you think. I really don't see her winning but may you do. Obama just seems to me not very deep with his plans. Whats he offering? I can't figure out what change he is talking about. Do you really think he is going to change Washington? What the heck even men like McCain hardly can change anything, how is a newbie like Obama going to make a dent? Listen I am an independent and I try to look at the facts, fact are that all of the candidates are weak on at least two of the issues of the 5 that take priority. Congress got a lower rating than President Bush this year so what does that say for McCain, H. Clinton, and Obama? It says they are part of the problem in Washington. How do you feel? Whats your main concerns for the country right now and lets talk.