Saturday, January 19, 2008

Campaign 2008

Hi everyone Are you ready. It seems that Bill Clinton has been doing a dis-service to Hilary in that it seems he is really losing that coolness about him what do you think. I really don't see her winning but may you do. Obama just seems to me not very deep with his plans. Whats he offering? I can't figure out what change he is talking about. Do you really think he is going to change Washington? What the heck even men like McCain hardly can change anything, how is a newbie like Obama going to make a dent? Listen I am an independent and I try to look at the facts, fact are that all of the candidates are weak on at least two of the issues of the 5 that take priority. Congress got a lower rating than President Bush this year so what does that say for McCain, H. Clinton, and Obama? It says they are part of the problem in Washington. How do you feel? Whats your main concerns for the country right now and lets talk.